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Investigative Operations Group, LLC is a veteran owned and operated private investigative agency, process server agency and mobile notary public located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Broward County.  We are comprised of former law enforcement, military veterans, and experienced legal investigators.  

Our mission for excellence

Here at Investigative Operations Group we pride ourselves on integrity and professionalism to ensure the best quality of work and accuracy in every case to get the results you need.  With responsible research as one of the main pillars of our company, we consistently adhere to strict quality and privacy standards to ensure our work  remains unbiased, relevant, and accurate.  We strive to work your case has diligently and efficiently as possible. 

Alexander J. Scarpechi - President

Alex is the President of Investigative Operations Group.  After serving in the United States Mairnes Alex studied Criminal Justice at Monroe College in Rochester, N.Y.  while at the same time working for the Monroe County Sheriff's as a certified Corrections Deputy.  Alex moved to Florida in 1995 and continued his law enforcement career with the Oakland Park Police Department and the Broward Sheriff's Office Road Parol.  While in law enforcement Alex took serval career development courses and attended Basic & Advance S.W.A.T. S School.  After Law Enforcement he entered the world of private sector security.  He worked high risk Personal Security Details (PSD) in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  He also worked for several years on Department of Defense (DOD) security contracts in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Alex has held the positions of Training Officer, Operations Officer to Site Security Manager on some of the largest military bases in Iraq.  Alex is a licensed Florida Private Investigator, Bail Agent, Process Server, and Notary Public.  With his knowledge through continuous education in his field and real life experiences he is diverse in a variety of Legal Investigations and Litigation Support Services.  Alex is member of Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI), National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS), National Association of Public Defense (NAPD), National Defender Investigator Association  (NDIA), National Notary Association (NNA).  Alex is also state approved Due Process Vendor for investigations and process service with the Florida Justice Administrative Commission (JAC).   



Notary Public

We offer Notary Public Service and Mobile Notary Service.  If you are unable to come to us we will come to you.  

During these days of  COVID19 many court proceedings are done via telephone.  Here in Florida the court requires that a Notary Public be present with you to confirm your identity and swear you in for the proceeding.  If you need this service or any other notary service feel free to call us or make your request in the "Contact Us" section below.

Please provide the following information with your request:

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  • Phone number
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  • Type of document(s)
  • Type of service needed
  • Signer's name
  • Address where service is needed
  • Type of location (Home, Work, Hospital, Courthouse, etc.)
  • Date and Time for service

Travel fees and after business hours fee my apply.

Contact us for a quote.


Criminal Defense Investigations

Not matter what  the allegation is everyone has the constitutional right to Due Process. The police will not investigate on the defendants behalf and often their investigation is bias.  

Hire the attorney to represent you in the court room and hire the investigator to work for you in the field.  Whether we are hired by a Law Firm or Pro se (without an attorney), Investigative Operations Group will work diligently on your case to assist you and the attorney in finding the truth.  Our investigators will locate  and interview witness, take statements, visit crime scenes, take photos and much more to assist your attorney in the defense of your case.  We will seek to discover evidence that contradicts and weakens the government's case.  Don't risk your freedom and let professional investigators work for you.  Our criminal defense investigators comprise of retired Law Enforcement, retired Federal Public Defenders, and retired Criminal Defense Attorneys.      


Process Service

The process servers at Investigative Operations Group are educated, trained, and experienced in legal process. We will make sure that your documents are served quickly and in accordance with the law. We will also provide you with status updates on your papers as attempts or service is made. When we go out to serve, our servers carry an understanding of, the law

of the papers they hold and of any instructions you give.


Negligent Security/Personal Injury

A property owner could be liable for injuries caused by a violent crime perpetrated by a trespasser. A property owner’s first responsibility is to protect people invited onto the property, such as customers, colleagues, guests, or workers. Responsibility for security commonly applies to commercial properties with a foreseeable risk of crime: hotels or motels, shopping areas, apartment buildings, parking lots and garages. A property owner must take reasonable steps to make customers and other visitors safe from theft, robbery, assault, or other injury caused by a violent crime. This may be accomplished through efforts to physically exclude trespassers or through measures meant to dissuade people from committing violent acts.  Security measures may include:

  • Walls or fences with limited entry points limited to people with a key or code;
  • Adequate lighting in outdoor areas, especially parking lots;
  • Security cameras to monitor parking lots, elevators, and other secluded areas;
  • Maintenance of shrubbery that might conceal trespassers;
  • Private security guards at entrances and conducting routine patrols; or
  • Notice to local law enforcement to request patrols.

A private investigator will investigate to determine  the type of liability and assist the attorney in the fight to recover damages for injuries to you and your loved ones.  



Surveillance is the close and careful observation of a person, place, or object. It is the practice of watching a subject in order to identify and document their contacts, interactions and whereabouts. Our surveillance investigations include but are not limited to:

•Infidelity investigations
•Missing person searches
•Recurrent theft
•Worker’s compensation cases


Domestic & Family Investigations

Each Domestic Affair that is brought to our agency is handled with the utmost care and respect to those that we serve. Depending on the goals of each case, which are discussed with the client beforehand, the outcomes can all be different with the exception of getting the proof that the partner needs to prove the behavior. The majority of the time the spouse’s suspicions are correct and our agency either gets on video the actual “Evidences “ with their paramour either meeting in a parking lot after work, bar, restaurant, a secret meeting place or even away on a business trip.  At times these bad behaviors can lead to divorce.  During a divorce children are often times caught in a “tug of war” struggle between parents. Our private investigators limit the stress by assisting you in uncovering the truth. Our private investigators document evidence of a negligent parent or a new significant other. Our thorough investigation will provide you with answers about your child’s safety and welfare. The evidence obtained by our private investigators can show parental irresponsibility. This is crucial when proving to the court that you deserve to be an intricate part of your children’s lives. Don’t wait until it is too late to discover the other parent is exposing your children to avoidable hazards. 


Skip Tracing & Locating People

If you are searching for someone and coming up empty handed it may be time to enlist the help of the investigators at Investigative Operation Group to help locate them with our skip tracing services. We use a combination of personal identifiers, last known addresses, contact details, location and other factors, all in real-time, to determine an accurate current location and/or contact information. Many times these people don’t wish to be found and so it is imperative for the investigator to work quickly, diligently and discreetly to locate these individuals. We have the ability to track down people you may be looking for and

successfully find them. Our team of investigators will provide you with accurate information that will lead you to that person you are searching for. Whether it is through research or canvassing and interviewing, we will work tirelessly to find the person of interest.


Background Check & Drug Screening

Background checks and Screening:

Investigative Operations Group has access to credit bureaus, courthouse records, motor vehicle records, criminal records as well as other databases. We can assist your company in saving money by not training someone you should never have hired in the first place and protecting against potential liability against negligent hiring lawsuits as well as identifying higher quality employers while reducing potential personnel turnover expenses. 

Tenant and Resident Screening: 

Investigative Operations Group helps our clients reduce their risk and increase their profitability through tenant and resident screening. We have access to many information databases and resident screening data as well as criminal and eviction records. We are your best partner for tenant and resident screening background checks because we offer personalized service to identify higher quality residents, reduce evictions and skips.  We protect owners from the potential liability of renting to known criminals while safeguarding existing residents as well as minimize legal costs while generating fee income.

Drug Screening:

Whether your company requires drug testing under the Federal Regulations or you want to maintain a drug free workplace, we will support your efforts to help prevent drug abuse in the workplace.  Do you want to add that extra level of productivity in your organization with random drug screening?  Your Probation Officer requires that you comply with weekly drug tests to complete a program?  Do you suspect your teenage son or daughter may be under the influence of harmful drugs?  Call us.


Bail Bonds & Bail Enforcement

Investigative Operations has partnered with Brandy Bail Bonds for all bail bonds services.  This is because Brandy Bail Bonds has been around since 1974 and as maintained a reputation of integrity. There is no other bail bond agency with the knowledge and experience has Brandy Bail Bonds. Brandy Bail Bonds, Fort Lauderdale, FL, (954)436-4333 


Executive & Personal ProtectionProtection

Investigative Operations Group Personal Protection Officers are highly trained professionals who are entrusted with the personal security of individuals. Our agents have real world experience with low to medium risk details here in the States and medium to high risk details in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.  Whether it's a personal, corporate, or a government contracted protection detail Investigative Operations Group will assess your situational needs and provide with you professional and capable protection/security you would expect.  You safety is our mission.    

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